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Parsa design and construction Group

Parsa design and construction International Group was created to research, develop principles and engineering standards in the field of mass-produced food (catering) In Iran;and with experts and experienced scientifically could design a standard frame to design and operation of industrial kitchen according to the latest methods and principles of health and safety at international level.The company's areas of expertise include the design of industrial kitchens in the self-service automobile company, industrial, oil and gas fields, petrochemical, hotel, hospital, auditorium, restaurant and tourism centers and so on.Great research has been done by corporate executives In all these areas and Always substantial funds from the revenues allocated to R&D.Parsa design and construction International Group, as a leading company in the field of consulting and design catering has successfully established itself as the most prestigious design industrial kitchen company in Iran, and projects within the company document the success of the company.
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